what is wildish?

wīld  iSH: somewhat wild


Today's culture of busyness and hustle leaves little time or energy for true connection.  

Wildish seeks to foster not only nature connection, but to deepen the bonds of community that bind us all together as beings sharing the Earth. To that end, our mission is to provide forest therapy experiences that allow us to reconnect with the natural world and rediscover the wild one within.

Janene Ritchie, M.S.


Certified Forest Therapy Guide & Trail Certification Consultant

Vancouver, WA

Like so many people today, I fill many roles:

+  spouse

+  mother

+  daughter

+  sister

+  friend

+  guide

After years of leadership in environmental and place-based education, I was led to forest therapy as one of many modalities to promote healing from experiences related to a sudden shift in identity. With the forest as my therapist, I discovered not only a profound grief for years of disconnection, but also a deep reservoir of personal strength & resilience, and an abiding joy rooted in the hopeful abundance of nature to connect & restore.

I am thrilled, humbled, and honored to continue the work of healing myself and the more-than-human world by accompanying others on their own healing journey. I believe that we are each in possession of our own unique talents or "medicine." This medicine within us is what we use to heal ourselves, the wounds of others, and the world. In partnership with the forest, I seek to open the doors for others on the journey of discovering their own personal medicine, and believe that in doing so, we can continue the cycle of healing this world to wholeness.  


Wildish Nature Connections is my labor of love to the world, with the intent to foster nature connection within individuals, and to deepen the ties of community that bind us all together as beings sharing the Earth. Through Wildish, I provide forest therapy and nature connection experiences that invite us to tap into and reconnect with the wild one within.

Janene is currently a Certified Forest Therapy Guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides & Programs. She completed her guide training intensive at Sugarloaf Ridge State Park (Sonoma, CA) in May 2018, completed the 6-month guide training practicum in November 2018, and graduated as a Certified Forest Therapy Guide in January 2019. In accordance with her certification as an ANFT Guide, Janene is also certified in Wilderness First Aid through NOLS Wilderness Medicine

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