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what wildish offers:

Wildish provides forest therapy and nature connection experiences that invite us to reconnect with the natural world, with each other, and with the wild one in us all through a offers a variety of customized experiences, including:

+ Public walks (see current offerings below)

+ Private walks for individuals, couples, families, or groups

+ Custom walks for events, corporate teams, or conferences

+ Immersive nature connection retreats

Please contact Janene for pricing and to schedule a unique, private walk for your family, group, or special event. Public #WalksWithWildish are listed below.



"I would highly recommend people to step outside of their comfort zone and go on a nature therapy walk! I needed this healing from the forest way more than I realized. The entire experience is one of a kind!"


The forest has been given to us to remind us that all life is connected. Surrendering your burdens to the forest is an amazing way to come to peace. I highly recommend trying it."

"I would encourage all of my friends to get away from life and enjoy the  experience."

"A walk with Wildish is a wonderful way to connect with nature and reconnect with yourself." 

forest therapy is more like play, and less like work

upcoming walks

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, all walks with Wildish are on hold until further notice. If you'd like to discuss the possibility of a remote forest therapy session, please reach out.

Public walks are limited to 10 participants in order to preserve an intimate experience. All #WalksWithWildish are intended for adults unless otherwise noted.

forest therapy is more like freedom, and less like structure

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