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design a certified forest therapy trail

Forest Bathing Trail networks are being developed in several parts of the world, notably in Japan, South Korea, Costa Rica, the United States and Spain. ANFT has developed a process and criteria for certifying Forest Therapy Trails in conjunction with the standards used to train guides by The Association of Nature and Forest Therapy.

ANFT’s trail certification process draws from the belief that the simple act of going outside is healthy for our minds, bodies, and spirit no matter what physiological effects can be documented. Trails are considered for certification based initially on criteria such as accessibility, safety, biodiversity, natural features, and management. Additionally, the ANFT considers how infrastructure and signage can promote both guide-supported and self-supported Forest Therapy experiences on the trail.


As a Trail Certification Consultant, Janene will guide you through the entire process to become among the first certified forest bathing trails in North America.

If you are a steward of land in Washington or Oregon and are interested in certifying your trail, email Janene and visit the ANFT website for more information.

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